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Really long Oc quiz

(1) So what's your name?

(2) your favorite color?

(3) your favorite food?

(4) do have any hobbies?

(5) what are they?

(6) are you in good physical shape?

(7) do you play any sports?

(8) how old are you?

(9) how tall are you?

(10) how much do you weigh?

(11) I hope you know that often the giving of this information builds character, do you know?

(12) do you mind?

(13) any comments? thoughts?

(14) are you a virgin?

(15) what is your sexual orientation?

(16) was that how you were brought up?

(17) did or do you have a family?

(18) do you have any brothers or sisters?

(19) where you a rich family? A poor family? Or a middle class family?

(20) what do you love?

(21) what do you hate?

(22) if you had a weapon that would kill an untried random criminal, with the press of a button that you had to use, would you....

(23) press the button every second?

(24) press the button every day?

(25) press the button every year?

(26) eventually you would be killed by the button you pressed...any thoughts on this?

(27) if you could control anyone without conseqence who would you control and why?

(28) I think that's a great idea...what would your mother say?

(29) is there a problem?

(30) oh well we still have many more questions to answer.

(31) if your homeworld was to be annihilated, What would you do?

(32) what if a comet 200,000 times the size of your homeworld was to collide with it?

(33) do you love life or are you detached from it?

(34) could you please describe your dream house?

(35) thank you.

(36) how educated are you?

(37) are you a good teacher?

(38) are you a good worker?

(39) have you EVER held a position of authority?

(40) did you like holding that position?

(41) are you a fast learner?

(42) what do you want? Please answer with one word.

(43) would you want money?

(44) would you want influence?

(45) would you want political power?

(46) would you want full power?

(47) any material goods? Please specify.
this is a OC quiz template that you may use for fun to help develop your OCs!

it technically is not finished but yeah can work with this...:D

i made this quiz because i absolutely hated erasing someones bad grammar + spelling to write my own OCs responses.

so here is a blank quiz!

link me back to your version of this quiz if you use it!

i want to see what you have created :)
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